All proceeds to the author for the first two years will be donated to climate justice initiatives

“Aron’s description of the physical climate system is one of the clearest I’ve read.”

Thomas Dietz – Michigan State University
Author of Decisions for Sustainability: Facts and Values

“The Climate Crisis does a great job of connecting the climate science … with the evolving scholarship on how we approach – and could change our approach – to systemic risks and dread of climate change, which is arguably the greatest challenge we face as a species.”

Daniel Kammen – University of California, Berkeley
Former Science Envoy, Department of State in the Obama-Biden Administration

“…this is a how-to manual on how you can become an effective climate activist and advocate.”

Julia K. Steinberger – University of Lausanne

“This book is a tour de force for anyone interested in understanding climate change and how to overcome barriers to action.”

Sander van der Linden – University of Cambridge
Former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environmental Psychology

Upcoming Speaking Events by the Author:

February 2nd
North Park, San Diego
Book Catapult – General Audience
April 4th
UCLA, Psychology Department,
12 to 2.30pm – Workshop for Faculty Who Want to Teach
April 4th
UCLA, Psychology Department
5 to 6.30pm – General Audience
April 7th
Stanford, Psychology Department
1.30 to 2.50 – Presentation to Psychology Students
April 7th
Stanford, Hosted by Scientists Speak Up
5.30pm – General Audience